Kapolioka'ehukai (Heart of the Sea) Outrigger Canoe Club - San Diego, CA

As a convenience to our members, we offer the ability to pay for various club items online via credit card or PayPal account. Please note: to cover the PayPal/credit card fees we are assesed, online payment prices are slightly more than cash/check prices. Thank you for your understanding. If you do not wish to incur these fees, you may pay via cash or check (made out to KPEOCC) with the treasurer.

2019 Membership Dues

Annual Race Membership: Includes all paddling practices (Jan 1 to Dec 31). Includes one team jersey. All race fees and towing/gas costs must be paid separately. $300

Booster Membership: Allows member to paddle up to four times per month on a space available/training appropriate basis. Includes one team jersey. No option to participate in SCORA races. $175

Ohana Membership: Includes all paddling practices (Jan 1 to Dec 31) for all members of a family living in one household. Includes two team jerseys. All race fees and towing/gas costs must be paid separately. $450

Keiki (child) Membership: Includes Saturday paddling practices (Jan 1 to Dec 31). All race fees and towing/gas costs must be paid separately. $50 for first child, $25 per each additional sibling.

New Paddler Initiation Fee: One-time fee paid by paddlers new to the club. Includes new paddler orientation packet and covers time getting new paddler up to speed. $25

Payment plan option: Can be broken into a maximum of four payments. First payment is a minimum of $100. There is a $3 processing fee for each payment and final payment must be made within four months of joining. Must be current on payments to participate in practices or races. Contact treasurer@heartoftheseacanoeclub.com to set up a payment plan.

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Planning to race all 5 races for Iron Season? You can pay all your race fees and towing fees now at a discount using the button below. This can be done by either a New or a Returning Member. Adults members only.

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Your membership pays for:
  • SCORA Annual Dues
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Homesite Lease Fee
  • Professional Fees (tax preparation, legal consult)
  • Safety Equipment (lights/PFDs/bailers/rope/tie downs/radios/1st aid/bags)
  • Maintenance of Canoes(refinishing and ding repair)
  • Advertising/Web Presence
  • Jersey Costs

***Please keep in mind***
These costs are simply to keep the club up and running for the year. They do not include expansion of our club, building a reserve account, acquiring new equipment such as spray skirts, canoe covers, water pumps, trailer tires, etc. or any club events we might want to hold. All Board members and coaches are volunteers that also pay for a full membership for the year. We need each member's kokua to hold successful fundraising events and to obtain sponsorships so that our club can continue to grow and thrive while offering good value to its members. There are many ways to be a part of raising funds for the club throughout the season, check with a Board member to discuss some options!

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All orders here are done via PayPal credit card processing. A PayPal account is not required. Mastercard, VISA, Discover and American Express are accepted.

Please print out your emailed reciept at the end of the transaction for your records. Contact treasurer@heartoftheseacanoeclub.com for questions about transactions.

Some items may have slightly higher price than in-person orders (cash or check) to cover credit card fees.